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In a market already flooded with Warhammer 40k Podcasts why would we consider doing another one? Because it sounds like fun!

The Independent Characters are a couple of guys from a regular gaming group who decided to strike out on their own and attempt the impossible (or at least improbable). So how does our Podcast seek to differentiate itself from all the others? I'm glad you asked!

What we WILL do:

  • Attempt to bring you "into" our gaming group. We want you to feel like you are hanging with your friends on a Friday night.
  • Provide you with updates on our hobby progress, battle reports overviews, and hopefully provide a little inspiration.
  • Give you our opinions on GW 40K product releases.
  • Provide our reviews of GW 40K fiction releases.
  • Provide videos and interviews of local events and possibly some that are further away.
  • Entertain you on your commute to and from work - or at least during painting.

What we do NOT intend to do:

  • Provide in-depth Codex Overviews... There's enough of those to go around.
  • Provide "News" segments. We assume most of our listeners will already be well versed in what is coming up. This isn't to say we won't give our opinions on upcoming stuff though!

We are still currently in development but hope to have our first show recorded in the next month or so - so stay tuned!


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  1. Strahd
    I can't wait.

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