Episode 02 – The New Batch. This time it’s personal!

Episode Two is now live and the fun continues. We discuss everything from our hobby progress, upcoming Kubla Con Tournament, and how Geoff likes to punch new players in the face and make them cry!

The episode comes in at just over an hour and a half of pure content (no commercials!). So sit back, relax, and join us for some good ol' gaming discussion.


  • Geoff discusses how much he hates painting - but can't stop 00:01:00
  • Carl discusses how sick he is of assembling Land Raiders 00:12:10
  • Carl talks about his battles against Tyranids and Blood Angels 00:23:10
  • Geoff makes his co-worker cry by beating him down 00:30:20
  • Geoff & Carl discuss preparation for Kubla Con 00:38:00
  • Have you read Helsreach? We have! And we give you our thoughts. (No spoilers) 00:59:45
  • Introducing Veteran players to your group. 1:09:01
  • Bloody Blood Angels discussion of the bloody bloodness. 1:26:35

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Music in this episode provided by Mevio.

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