Episode 05 – In Soviet Russia, The Army paints you!

We are back from Kubla Con and more importantly the Golden Gargant Rogue Trader Tournament. In this episode we discuss how that tournament went, how our Episode 04 "Con Advice" played out, and why Carl ran from the Tournament Hall crying like a little girl. We also answer the question "How did Zach score in the RTT?"

Lars "The Doom of The Eldar" joins us for this episode. He also participated in the Golden Gargant and we learn a little bit about what it's like to be married to a Russian woman that paints 40k models!

We ran into a slight sound problem where Carls mic came in a bit low - but I think we have corrected for that in post-production. Also, bear in mind I was editing all this shenanigans at two in the morning, so I am aware of the "sound blooper" with the one music fade out. It wasn't worth going back and compiling an MP3 for another twenty minutes!

  • Geoff goes LARPing - 00:00:00
  • Introducing Lars "The Doom of The Eldar" - 00:01:00
  • Hobby Progress, or rather, lack there of! - 00:20:30
  • Overview of The Golden Gargant Rogue Trader Tournament - 00:31:30
  • Battle Reports from The Golden Gargant - 01:00:30
  • Round 1: Assassination - 01:01:00
  • Round 2: Foothold - 01:18:30
  • Round 3: Lightning Strike - 01:41:00
  • Overview of Kubla Con in General and our favorite parts - 02:00:00
  • We review our advice from Episode 04 regarding Con Preparation - 02:09:00
  • Show Wrap Up - 02:11:45


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4 Responses

  1. Andrew
    Can you guys start putting a direct download link for each episode?
  2. ctuttle
    I sure can!
  3. Mat
    Hey Carl, Played you in round one of the tournie and enjoyed the game. Keep up the good work here, and I'll be waiting for episode 6.
  4. Patrick
    "I moved to California to play DnD." Classic. Patrick here just writing to say "good cast". Geoff mentioned your show after we played in the first round of Kublacon, so I wanted to give it a listen. My gaming group (playing weekly since '89) has embraced 4th Edition DnD. I understand the reservations (I still scratch my head at the idea of healing surges) but we find it fast and fluid compared to 3.5. I had a lot of fun throwing dice w/ Geoff and am looking forward to future casts and seeing you guys at the next event. I'm planning on being at Game Kastle for the August 7th 40K tournament (the store plans to run a Kill Team event). All praise father Nurgle!

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