Episode 14 – Ringing in Da Grand Waaagh!

We were there aboard the U.S.S. Hornet Aircraft carrier to witness Da Grand Waaagh GT and help out with the event. We talk about what it takes to put on a GT of this size and what lessons we learned from it.

Additionally we have interviews with some of the people involved and a few of the players. We cover everything from how it all went down, to the drama after the fact! Strap yourselves in and enjoy the ride... we go at it Top Gun style!

We're in a flat spin Goose!

Show Timestamps

  • Show Overview - 00:00:00
  • Hobby Talk discussion and Campaign Report - 00:02:00
  • Our take on Da Grand Waaagh GT - 00:50:47
  • Interview with Matt Estes of Da Grand Waaagh crew - 01:32:00
  • Interview with Walter Denlinger - GT Overall Winner (Prior to winning!) - 02:00:00
  • Interview with "Doc Dragon" - 02:09:00
  • Interview with Snake Eyes and Magilla Gorilla - 02:23:00
  • Show Announcements and Closure - 02:36:30


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2 Responses

  1. Hey guys, My name's Chris and I think you guys ran into my fiancee yesterday in Endgame, Irau...at least I hope she introduced herself. I just wanted to introduce myself and hopefully get a game when I come out to visit her in January or Feburary on R&R. I'm currently on Camp Liberty, just south of Baghdad in Iraq...just got here for my second tour. I'm gonna start mixing your podcast in with my 40k radio as far as podcast listening goes. If you guys are on facebook, add me...I love jawwing about 40k and I ain't got much better to do... SPC Chris Coker HHC 2 AAB 1 ID Asst. Armorer and The Beast from the East
  2. Carl
    We did meet with her! (and a couple of her friends) she was extremely nice and I think she found the Endgame players to be very welcoming. We would absolutely be HONORED to come play with you when you get over here for some R&R! Please send me at email at carl@theindependentcharacters.com and we can stay in touch until then. Stay safe Specialist!

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