Second Video Test for Adepticon

Updated! You can find the embedded videos below of our test. We hope you enjoy! Thanks to all the people that came and joined us in chat during the event.

This coming Sunday 03/27 at 11am PST we will be doing another test of our game footage and commentary as we prepare for Adepticon! If you would like to see what we are planning you can get a good idea of it by joining us.

Constructive criticism is welcome!

You can join us by visiting the Ustream site here:

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5 Responses

  1. dulmonkey
    so, you do know that bi-weekly means twice a week, right? I just found this podcast and have noticed that its a bi-monthly podcast. I wouldn't say anything, but you have that on an ad banner. Love the podcast, by the way.
  2. Carl
    Interestingly enough it can mean either twice a week or every other week. Look up the definition through google and you will see bi-weekly means a fortnight which is every 14 days... We aren't bi-monthly though. We release every other Sunday so sometimes we even hit three times a month!
  3. Carl
  4. Don
    Is bi-weekly anything like bi-winning?
  5. Sorry Carl, If it Aint in the Urban Ditionary it " aint" a word. Word to your mother -ed
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