First Adepticon Video Testing Done

Geoff Carl and Steve working through the Video/Audio Test

So this was the first time we were able to get together and actually have a couple of people play a game while we filmed it and commented as it was played. There is a lot of dead air as we are still figuring out how this all works out - but at about 30min into the video we start to loosen up a bit and get into the groove.

We are hoping to do another test this coming Sunday the 27th over UStream.

Doing this is pretty tricky. We are basically running three different Webcams at the same time through UStreams Producer Pro Software. In this demo - we are only using two of the three cameras. One of the cameras is directly over the table, held in place by a contraption of PVC Piping and duct tape.

The other camera rests on a Tripod which is manually moved around the table by one of the crew and positioned as needed. This is about as low cost of a solution as we could come up with - that is reasonable to do at Adepticon - and it is still pretty pricey.

Take a moment to listen - in particular around the 30min mark - and let us know your thoughts!

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  1. Zealotic
    hey guys, big fan of the podcast, Carl isn't loud enough on the feed, while Geoff is a bit too loud, otherwise, BRILLIANT, I totally plan on following you guys adepticon weekend
  2. Blade
    a bit low in some parts :(

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