Adepticon Finals Video Coverage

Carl at about 4am still setting up the filming rig

Well we pulled it off, and I think it was a huge success!

We learned a lot this time around - our mics were too hot so the audio quality isn't quite where we wanted it to be - but you can definately hear the coverage and get a good understanding of what is going on.

At one point we had over 180 people in the live chat! One thing Ustream doesn't do is let me keep a log of that chat. I would have loved to have gone back and read what everyone was saying!

We need to thank a whole bunch of people who helped make this possible:

  • Bill & Tor from Imperial Vox Cast - You guys rocked and really made not only the video stuff a success (keeping me sane), but also Bill ran around collecting donations for our KR Multicase 1200 raffle! It wouldn't have been a success without you two.
  • The Entire Eternal Warriors Crew - but most especially Dan Duran and She-Swizzy! Dan, your help and simple solutions to complex problems rocked the house! She-Swizzy, you were the most gracious host we could have asked for!
  • Thom and Kristi - A part of our regular gaming group that joined us at Adepticon, but you guys helped keep me alive during the setup on Sat night with the multiple bottles of water and Thom helping Bill to make the KR Multicase Raffle a sweet success was what it was all about.
  • Jason - Your steadfastness with the technical troubleshooting allowed us to get through the problems we had Sat night!
  • Steve - Great camera work bud! You were a tremendous help through the entire event and allowed us to capture some memorable stuff with Dan Abnett, Dave Taylor and everything else throughout the weekend.
  • Dave and Aaron - You guys moderating the chat channel for us allowed it to happen! Well done sirs!
  • The Fans of the Show that came up and introduced themselves - This made up for all of the frustration we ran into while setting up. I was amazed at how much you guys were willing to just jump in and help.

Please leave us some feedback on what you think would help us improve this type of coverage in the future!

Recorded Video coverage (which was also streamed live) and commentary of the Adepticon 2011 Finals can be found here:

Adepticon Finals Round 1: No Audio on this one. We just filmed it so people had something to look at while we were finishing setup. Still - you can see two games played out if you are interested.

Pre-Game Show - and footage of Round 2: You can see the games being played but our commentary isn't really focused on it this round.

Semi-Final Round - Round 3: Two Tables with Commentary

Final Round - Round 4: Imperial Guard vs. Space Wolves for the Championship!

12 Responses

  1. Reecius
    Awesome coverage guys! It was good to see you all there and I had a great time. Thanks for all the hard work in getting that great coverage prepared!
  2. Carl
    Thanks Reece - I would have loved to see you go all the way! We need to sit down and talk about upcoming events. I'll email you.
  3. Katie D
    I'm feeling like this commentating of 40K could lead to something big... Starcraft in Korea, anyone?
  4. Mat
    I found myself greatly looking forward to your video coverage and was not let down. If you couldn't go to Adepticon, all of you guys provided the next best option. Thanks,
  5. Thanks guys - thats exactly the reaction we were hoping for. I have plans for improving this level of coverage even more going forward!
  6. EvilEd209
    I just wanted to let you guys know that your coverage of this year's Adepticon 40K Championship was out standing. I know that a few technical difficulties cropped up during the matches, however I was glued to my PC all Sunday and completely enjoyed your coverage. I think it is amazing that we will have a record of these matches and can go back and watch them again and again. Outstanding work guys! And thank you!
  7. Thanks Ed, We are actually working now on a system that will allow us to utilize even more cameras and provide cleaner commentary in the future. Plus a couple of other surprises that will make this a more portable and reliable system going forward. We should be able to do this at pretty much any location with an internet connection in the future.
  8. Jay
    I want to say thanks to Carl and rest of the guys. I finally got some rest and watched the podcast that was awesome!! You just got a life long fan of the show. Thank you again. Jay the Nid player.
  9. Carl
    Very high praise indeed Jay! Thanks for the kind words. I think you can expect interesting things from us in the future as well! I was still rooting for Nids to take the top slot and put all the naysayers to the sword!
  10. I loved these videos, it is an incredibly awesome thing to see, I hope to see more of this in the future.
  11. Thanks so much! I think you can count on seeing more of them - and soon!
  12. Todd
    That is pretty cool. Great work. Amazing the work and devotion of the fans of this game!

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