Episode 26 – Adepticon, Dave Taylor, and Dan Abnett

We are finally back from Adepticon and have a whole lot to talk about! In fact, if you aren't interested in Adepticon at all - you might just want to skip this episode. But if you do, you will be missing out on a whole lot of great stories and information! We talk about what we did at Adepticon, what deals we got, who we met, etc.

Then, Geoff and Zach talk about the Team Tournament. What it is, how it's played, and how they did!

Finally, we have two incredibly special interviews for you. Dave Taylor of Wargames Illustrated (and Dave Taylor Miniatures blog) fame talks to us about his hobby interests, Wargames Illustrated, The Storm Wardens Project of last year, and The Heroes of Armageddon project this year!

This is quickly followed by an Interview with Dan Abnett! We talk about what's going on with Eisenhorn and Ravenor, what other Black Library projects he is working on, and his work on "Embedded" a book being published by Angry Robot Books!

Thanks to all our guests for joining us! Thanks for everyones help at Adepticon! (Especially Dan Duran of The Eternal Warriors!). Last but not least -thanks to the crew that helped us pull off the whole adventure (Steve, Jason, Thom, and Christy)! We couldn't have done it without you guys.

We hope you enjoy Episode 26.

Show Timestamps

  • Show Overview - 00:00:00
  • Hobby Talk discussion & what we did at Adepticon - 02:00
  • Team Tournament & more Adepticon talk - 01:11:30
  • Interview with Dave Taylor of Wargames Illustrated - 01:19:00
  • Interview with Dan Abnett of The Black Library - 02:23:40
  • Show Closure - 02:53:00


5 Responses

  1. Awwwww I missed you guys! I've seriously been Jonesing for this episode, checking itunes every day since Adepticon. Great work guys! :-)
  2. Carl
    Sorry it felt like it took so long - but the Adepticon live coverage really just took all of our time! We have a ton of video and such to put together and put up as bonus content over the next week or so as well. So that might help your shakes!
  3. SpektreOz
    Geoff and Carl, really enjoyed listening to this episode, for someone on the other side of the world you gave a great insight into what it was like! Especially liked the enthusiasm that Geoff had for he team tourney and Carl with his interview with Dan Abnett! Great Job guys! Craig
  4. Nathanael Rouillard
    I had been worried that we were going to suffer podfade. So glad you guys came up on my feed again. Keep going; it will encourage me to get some damned hobby work done! :P
  5. ElfSpeaker
    Great episode, I especially liked the interviews. What was the name and author or the fantasy book Dan mentioned during the interview?

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