Contest: KR Multicase Adepticon Fundraiser!

We need your help!

Once again, we are the Official Podcast of the Adepticon 40k Championship Tournament for 2012! We are extremely excited about this, as it was a great time last year. We were able to meet a lot of listeners, give away exciting prizes, and provide coverage of this fantastic event to the people who couldn’t be there live.

Of course, this all comes with a cost. Shipping, equipment, travel, last minute needs that we scramble for, all take their toll on our pocketbooks. We have sponsors of course to help us mitigate some of this, but really our sponsors help us pretty much break even on the Podcast.

So we have come up with a plan that we hope helps us with these costs this year. We are asking for your donations. We usually don’t stress this aspect of fund raising for the show, as we know you guys patiently listen to our sponsor messages every other week. So instead of just asking you to donate, we are going to make sure there is something in it for you!

To enter the contest you must make a minimum donation of $5, but for every dollar you donate, you will receive one entry into a drawing for one of two KR Kaiser System cases! (So a donation of $7 will get you seven entries into the drawing.)

Thanks to Daryl from KR Multicase, we have these two great prizes we can offer. The first is the KR Muticase Kaiser 2 – complete with foam and card cases for transporting and storing Space Marines! The next is a KR Multicase Kaiser 3 – with foam and card cases for carrying an Imperial Guard Army!

At the beginning of February, we will draw two winners, one for each case, from all the entries submitted. You are only eligible to win one of these prizes. So if your name is drawn for the first prize, it is removed for the next one. These are great products and can be yours for a steal if you just donate!

But Wait! There’s more! Starting in December, we will be opening a special area of our forum only available to people who have donated to our Adepticon Coverage Cause! In this area we will make available special bonus audio content as we speak with and interview some of our personal friends and members of our gaming group that are attending Adepticon.

You will hear what their expectations are, what they are bringing to the event, which events they hope to participate in, and more! We expect to release one piece of bonus content in this section every other week. Again, this will be available only to people who have donated to the show for this cause. After Adepticon, this section will vanish, and this content will not be available again.

You can donate via Paypal from the link in the upper right corner on our front page. Be sure to include your name and forum handle (If you have one!) in the message when you donate so we can be sure to assign the right number of entries into the drawing for you!

We want to stress that this bonus content will in no way take away from our core Independent Characters Podcast. We are offering it as a special "Thank you" to those people that help us out with our Adepticon Live Coverage.

People from any country are eligible to enter this contest. Friends and Family of The Independent Characters are ineligible for this contest.

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