Released: Adepticon Fundraiser Bonus Content – 02

We have uploaded our second Adepticon Bonus Content for those folks who have helped us by donating to our Adepticon Fundraiser Contest! This content is ONLY available for a limited amount of time and after Adepticon 2012 it will all be removed forever!

Bonus Content 02 - Thom attended Adepticon with us last year and helped to gather a ton of entries into our fundraiser for Japanese Tsunami Relief. He is what we call an "old school" gamer and he was willing to sit down with us and discuss what his thoughts about last years Adepticon were and what he hopes to see in this years!

You can find out more information about our Adepticon Fundraiser and the awesome prizes you can win, as well as how you can access special content, by helping out here:

Thank you to all of those who have helped us out so far!

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