The Smells Like Wargaming Best IC Contest!

In celebration of The Golden Thronies, Smells like Wargaming and The Independent Characters are bringing you a contest!

Simply send us an email to and detail out the Warhammer 40k Independent Character that you think should have won the Best Independent Character status in The Golden Thronies. Tell us how you used him (or her) or how he (or she!) was used against you, that makes you feel they should have won.

We will look for inventive, creative, or just plane funny (let's face it, funny is probably the way to go here!) stories that will sway us to your side!

Your entries must be in to us no later than 11:00pm on April 1st (no foolin'!) to be considered. On our April 8th show we will announce the winner of the contest!

So what do they win? Brandon from Smells Like Wargaming will present to you a Warhammer 40k boxed set (of no more than $50), which Smells Like Wargaming will paint for you, to your specifications!

What could be simpler than that!?

Once again, friends and family of Carl, Geoff, and Zach are not eligible to win this contest.

If you have any questions please send them to Carl at

4 Responses

  1. Ian McCalder
    Methinks your email server has a case of Domain Cancer. I sent emails to both contest and carl [at] and they both bounced back.
  2. Carl Tuttle
    Seems to be working fine. Maybe a hiccup? We have received mail and I just sent a test message to it from outside the network. Working fine... try again and let me know if you are still having an issue.
  3. I've been having email problems to. Every email I send bounces back. The error message I'm getting is: "550 550 The content of this message looked like spam. (state 18)."
  4. Jarys Maragopoulos
    Stop being so random!

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