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Posted by Carl on May 15, 2012

Review: Kraken by Chris Wraight

If there is one thing that Chris Wraight has proven that he can do well, it is write exciting Space Wolf stories! In his previous Space Marine Battles Book, Battle of The Fang, we saw Space Wolves at war with The Thousand Sons on a massive scale.

Krakken is a much shorter story, in fact it’s sold as an e-book only. The e-book (let’s call it what it really is, a short story) runs $2.99, but the payout you get for your money with this story is well worth it!

The story follows one Space Wolf in particular, Kvara, and you can see how the main character ties directly into the “Lone Wolf” unit with the “Monster Hunter” Saga from the Space Wolves Codex.

Where Chris Wraight could have written a very direct and simple short story, he actually layers this tale in several ways. You follow Kvara as he hunts down a mysterious creature on a water planet. But you are also party to his thoughts as he recalls not only his trials which lead him to become a Space Marine, but also the tragedy which led to his following the path of the lone wolf.

This is a short review for a short story, but to say more would risk spoiling some great scenes. Pick up this short story for a quick but exciting and thoroughly entertaining adventure!

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