Episode 59 – Competition and 40k: Part 3 (Elite Level Play)

Episode 59 is a huge one! For those that do not like long episodes, we apologize. However, there is a TON of great information in this episode. After we lead off with our usual Workbench and Games Played section, we dive into the third, and final episode around Competition and Warhammer 40k.

To help us along we have brought in some of the big guns of the Warhammer 40k Tournament Scenes. TastyTaste from Blood of Kittens, who follows the ongoing GT circuit joins us for some discussion followed by Ben Mohlie (former Team Captain of ETC Team USA), Mike Brandt (Organizer of The Nova Open), Tony Kopach (2 time winner of The Nova Open and 1 time winner of Adepticon), and last but not least Blackmoor (Tournament Competitor and regular on The 11th Company Podcast). Each of these community players weighs in with their thoughts around competition and a whole lot more!

It's a long show to sit through, but is a fitting cap on the whole series of Competitive episodes we have been running.

We hope you enjoy!

  • 0:00:00 - Show Intro
  • 0:02:38 - Workbench and Games played
  • 1:10:25 - Competition and 40k: Part 3(a)
  • 1:33:14 - Interview with TastyTaste
  • 1:10:25 - Competition and 40k: Part 3(b)
  • 2:21:25 - Interview with Ben Mohlie
  • 2:38:45 - Interview with Mike Brandt
  • 3:08:45 - Competition and 40k: Part 3(c)
  • 3:30:20 - Interview with Tony Kopach
  • 3:42:00 - Competition and 40k: Part 3(c)
  • 3:52:00 - Interview with Blackmoor
  • 4:17:30 - Show Closing


We recommend downloading the episode as opposed to listening through the site. We seem to hit some type of process limit on days we release the episode, but it only affects people listening from the site directly.


The Independent Characters - Episode 59

3 Responses

  1. Hammerhead shooting though the window. My Stormtalon has never felt so useless. That was pretty epic though.
  2. Aaron Schmidt
    On the points about shooting vs scifi around 1:05. I think the fluff and art were a reaction to where GW wanted to drive the game after 2nd ed, towards close combat, not the other way around. That was deemed the best way to make it 'fast and furious' which was the myopic design mantra of pretty much every miniature game in the 90s. I applaud the balancing between shooting and cc in the latest edition, and I think it serves the back story far more than space sword-fights IMHO.
  3. Corey Miciunas
    In response to the portion of the show talking about flyers around the 30:00 min mark, if you don't want to invest in a flyer do you really think it's fair for you to have the option to have a 10 pt upgrade to easily take out a flyer? Really? Stop crying about it and either invest in a flyer or anti-air fortifications yourself or ignore it. Personally, I like the way the flyers work and that they are harder to hit by basic infantry/tanks/etc. It makes the game more realistic. Sure, it's possible for a fighter jet to be taken down with a heavy machine gun at a lower altitude, but it certaintly doesn't happen very often. The only way to militarily counter aerial firepower is with designated AA weaponry or launching fighter jets yourself. Your basic grunt with a missile launcher shouldn't be able to just laugh off a flyer with a 10 pt upgrade. You should have to pay equivalent points to deal with that threat or deal with the consequences.

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