Episode 64 – The Horus Heresy Book One: Betrayal (Part 2)

The Horus Heresy Book 1: Betrayal by Forge World and author Alan Bligh (and Team), is the continued topic of conversation for Episode 64.

This is the second part of our two part series in which we cover the latest (and greatest!) Forge World release. In this episode we go into some of the units and how the Space Marine Crusade Army List works for the Horus Heresy series. We also discuss, in depth, each of the Legions that are represented in this book and how the background fits with the rules for each of them.

During the workbench and games played section, there is some overview talk about the new Chaos Space Marine Codex as well as some of the models that have been released and our experiences with them so far.

We hope you enjoy!

Editors Note: At one point in the show we discuss the rules around 2000 point plus Space Marine Crusade lists and whether the Force Org slots double for this or not. Carl mentions that he will find out the answer and post it in the show notes. We have checked with the source and the correct answer is that they do NOT double for this.

  • 0:00:00 - Show Intro
  • 0:05:25 - Workbench and Games Played
  • 0:45:15 - Horus Heresy Book 1 - Betrayal: Units and Army List mechanics
  • 1:28:15 - Horus Heresy Book 1 - Betrayal: Legions and Primarch mechanics
  • 2:45:00 - Show Closing


We recommend downloading the episode as opposed to listening through the site. We seem to hit some type of process limit on days we release the episode, but it only affects people listening from the site directly.


The Independent Characters - Episode 64

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