The IC’s at The Bay Area Open

WebCarl and Geoff of The Independent Characters will be attending the Bay Area Open on Saturday the 2nd of March only. We are going to be there to watch the events taking place, meet and greet with new and old friends, and then report back to you how the event went.

Look for our banner near our dedicated table. We will have examples of some KR Multicase Products on hand to look at as well as the armies we completed in last years Hobby Progress Challenge.

The Bay Area Open, which is scheduled for March 1-3, (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) is the largest 40k GT on The West Coast. You can find more information about the event here:

Hopefully you can drop by and introduce yourself! We would love to hear what your thoughts on the show are.and what brought you to the BAO! You can expect to hear more about how The Bay Area Open goes in our show following the even itself. So even if you can't attend, you can expect to see photos, videos and hear our opinions and thoughts both during and after!

We hope we see you there.

Carl & Geoff

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