Review: Wargamma Lava Pools

paintedpoolsAt the Bay Area Open, I had the pleasure of swinging by the Wargamma booth and seeing the awesome work that Mr. Dandy has been doing over there with his resin figures and terrain pieces.

Several things caught my eye, but in particular one of the pieces that stood out were the Lava Pools. These are a very simple concept, but an effective one. Though they are titled as Lava Pools, they would make excellent toxic pools, or Tyranid Digestion Pools as well.

I bought a couple of them immediately upon seeing them. They are sold in a pack of three of them, with the largest measuring about 7 inches by 4 and a half inches, and run $12 USD for the set. They come unpainted, but each one I purchased was entirely free of flash or mold lines.

unpaintedpoolsThe pools appear very easy to paint up, no matter how you decide to do them, and are striking when you see them on the table. I now have three sets of them and scattering them around a table will make for a dangerous and fun battlefield.

I cannot recommend these enough. they are very nice pieces for a great price. I have picked up several other pieces from him and I will be reviewing each of those in turn. This is really indicative of the rest of his work though. It is high quality and there is extreme attention to detail.

You can find them here:

5 out of 5 stars!

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  2. Branden Jacobson
    Those are great! Any chance you could post some pictures with some figures around them just for scale? Branden Smells Like Wargaming.

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