Winner Selected for the Collectors Edition Rulebook!

IMG_3912Thank you to everyone who participated in our Facebook "Like" Contest for the Prize of the 6th Edition Collectors Edition Warhammer 40k Rulebook!

We gained a lot of momentum throughout (and beyond) the contest and it really helps the show get the exposure we are looking for. So thank you again.

We have drawn a winner, and that individual is...

Ryan Baxter of Florida, USA!

Congratulations Ryan! We are shipping the book out to you today.

If you didn't win, we are running more contests in the near future for other great prizes (though truth be told this is a pretty awesome prize) for Facebook likes as well as iTunes reviews. So keep 'em coming. People who have already liked our Facebook page or left us reviews are always entered into these types of contests regardless of when they did it!

3 Responses

  1. Owen Brinser
    You guys spelled my name wrong and said I'm from the wrong state!
  2. Carly McFerren
    Didn't know you also go by "Ryan" lol
  3. Josiah Adlon
    I'm literally working on converting a land speeder right now lol

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