Two Great Contests that Taste Great Together!

Both of these contests are mentioned in Episode 79, but we want to make sure you hear about them as soon as possible!

KR Multicase Backpack 2 - iTunes Review Contest
ituneslogoTo enter this contest all you need to do is leave us a review on iTunes*! It only takes a few minutes. Your review should contain some text and not just a number of stars rating. While we of course appreciate 5 star reviews, we want you to be honest with your feedback. Reviews of any level will qualify you for entry into this contest.

*If you happen to use Zune for your Podcast listening - leave us a review there as well and we will enter you into the contest.

On July 1st we will draw one winner. The prize is one KR Multicase Backpack 2!This is a great product provided by Daryl from KR Multicase. If you aren't familiar with it, you should take a look at The Backpack contains one cardcase with foam for a Forge World Storm Eagle and 10 Infantry models! Don't have a Storm Eagle? Well, first of all we are sorry to hear that. It's a really great model. But at least this will get you started down the KR Multicase backpack path! You can always replace the foam with purchased foam, but you have the card case to get you started!

This backpack is none other than the one Carl won at Salute 2013! It's in brand new condition, but we will admit, was used to bring a bunch of Black Library books back from London.

Speaking of Black Library books, our second contest is...

Autographed Copy of Blood of Asaheim by Chris Wraight - Facebook Likes
FacebookTo enter this contest, all you need to do is go to our Facebook Page (yes we do have one!) and click "Like"! Once we hit 2500 likes on our page, one random winner will be drawn from everyone on the page. The winner will be sent a brand new copy of Blood of Asaheim by Chris Wraight in harback. This was given to us by Chris at Salute 2013 specifically to give away to a listener on our show. It's a fantastic book, and made even better if you like Space Wolves!

Nothing prevents you from entering both contests if you would like. We will ship the prizes anywhere in the world. So don't be shy about signing up to win!

As usual, direct friends and family of The Independent Characters aren't eligible to win either of these contests. We define "friends" as anyone who has come to Carls or Geoffs home to play 40k. This makes for a really nice demarkation point!


9 Responses

  1. I keep trying to follow you on myspace but I just can't find you! ;)
  2. What about those of us who do not use iTunes? I get my podcasts from Zune. Is there anyway we can enter?
  3. Carl Tuttle
    Sure - leave us a review on Zune and we will be happy to drop you into the drawing as well!
  4. Fantastic! Thanks for keeping us Windows folk in mind.
  5. So scratch that. Apparently one cannot leave reviews on Zune. So yeah...
  6. Carl Tuttle
    Don't worry about it - I'll add you into the drawing from here. :) Thanks for trying.
  7. Carl, thank you very much. It means quite a bit that you took the time to respond to my ramblings yourself. I will continue to sing your praises to anyone who will listen.
  8. S.l. Mitrovic
    Generous contest but not everyone uses iTunes to get the show. I actually just come to the website to grab it. I refuse to give apple my credit card number just to generate a user ID.
  9. Carl Tuttle
    Yep we get that - tell you what - send me an email at carl at and I will see you get entered into the contest!

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