Episode 82 – Zone Mortalis

zmgamesdayEpisode 82 of The Independent Characters takes us into the deadly arenas and dangerous combats of Zone Mortalis!

Zone Mortalis is a set of rules from Forge World which are free to download from their site. Within this set of rules you will find some of the most deadly close quarters combat of the 41st Millennium! Explore Space Hulks, root out enemies in abandoned mines and sewer systems, and battle against forces inside of secret Mechanicus Bases!

We talk about the rules themselves, how this method of play actually works, some alternatives to Forge Worlds incredibly (and pricey!) terrain, as well as some suggestions for those playing AND developing the rules.

And just when you think it's over, we pull in Black Library Author Steve Parker to talk to us about his book Deathwatch in our latest installment of Forbidden Lore! WARNING: Spoilers abound in any Forbidden Lore segment, and this is no exception!

We hope you enjoy!

  • 0:00:00 - Show Intro
  • 0:11:05 - Workbench and Games Played
  • 0:48:10 - Zone Mortalis: The Rules
  • 1:31:10 - Zone Mortalis: Playing, Terrain & Suggestions
  • 2:13:05 - Final Thoughts and Show Closing
  • 2:16:20 - Forbidden Lore - Deathwatch with Steve Parker
  • 3:11:30 - The REAL Show Closing


We recommend downloading the episode as opposed to listening through the site. We seem to hit some type of process limit on days we release the episode, but it only affects people listening from the site directly.


The Independent Characters - Episode 81

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  1. Carl Tuttle
    FYI - forgot to include in the show notes, but here is a link to an image of my Kanban board as discussed in this episode - http://www.theindependentcharacters.com/home/kanban/kanban.jpg.
  2. I'm going to be making me a zone mortalis with fantasy movement trays and the normal 40k terrain

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