WCPA Special Event – Part 3

wcpaThis last weekend The West Coast Podcast Alliance (WCPA) recorded live in front a studio audience at Celesticon! We had a great time and got the audience involved in game shows and Q&A after the show.

It was a great time and we would love to thank everyone who joined us there. Now we bring the show to you!

The three members of The WCPA have uploaded their portions of the show and you can now get them all to listen to over two hours of great content.

Imperial Vox Cast - Part 1
Life After The Cover Save - Part 2
The Independent Characters - Part 3

We hope you enjoy!


We recommend downloading the episode as opposed to listening through the site. We seem to hit some type of process limit on days we release the episode, but it only affects people listening from the site directly.


The Independent Characters - Episode 84

3 Responses

  1. Paul Lippincott
    It was a topic that came up in Part 2, but worth saying about avoiding the negativity in podcasts... One of the things that I enjoy about the ICs is taking the complaints and issues that might fuel a rant on another podcast and turning into something far more constructive. Best case in point: Episode 40, "What if WE Ran Games Workshop." A lot of the points made in that episode are exactly the same points I've heard brought up about Games Workshop, but instead of being all Denis Leary foaming at the mouth about it, this was crafted into a big thought exercise that not only framed these points, but let the fellows explore how they'd do things differently. And best of all, it was a *fun* episode. You don't get that from a rant.
  2. Carl Tuttle
    What did you think of the live format? Was the show (overall - all three parts) enjoyable?
  3. Paul Lippincott
    Carl Tuttle Overall, I say: Huzzah! Nicely done. It made me wish I could have been there in person. The show was definitely enjoyable and I think the live format fed a lot of good energy into the hosts. Audiences are fickle things, but if you can connect with them, the synergy can take your performance to a whole other level. Going live also really demonstrated everyone's abilities as hosts. It's easy--well, easier--to sound slick and professional when you can edit and polish a recording. You all still sounded slick and professional live, when there's no safety net to catch the digressions, the stray comments and the "sailor talk." Plus everyone did a nice job of gauging when it was time to speak and when it was time to let others have a say. Getting all the West Coast Podcast Alliance partners together was a great idea. Strange as it sounds, I think the presentation collectively showcased the differences in each podcast, and those contrasts helped to keep things interesting in a good way. I didn't mind visiting three websites to get all the separate parts (Marvel and DC comics have trained me well). It was just a teensy bit frustrating that LAtCS released their part--the FIRST part--a day after everyone else. It was a bit like coming down the stairs on Christmas morning and discovering that Santa got... er, dragged off and pressed into service on a crab boat. I don't know how much it was planned, but the divisions between each podcast segment were fairly well timed. Each section featured a balance of audience participation and general discussion. It didn't feel like one segment got all the "good stuff." Sorry for the long reply, but I know this show was a bit of an experiment and I wanted to let you know that I consider it to be a success. I really hope you do this again.

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