Episode 89 – The Extended Warrior Lodge

IMG_1761Episode 89 was supposed to be part one of our two part Horus Heresy 2: Massacre coverage, but due to a delay in receiving the copy of the book, we have had to fill some time. Rather than make you wait for this episode, we had some guests come on the show and do an extended Warrior Lodge segment, which includes some prizes for people who have left iTunes reviews towards the end there!

Of course we cover hobby progress and (lack of) games played. Last but not least, Carl gives us an editorial on healthy relationships and how they intersect with your 40k gaming.

It's a short episode this time around, clocking in at just about two hours. But our Horus Heresy 2 coverage will begin with episode 90 in two weeks!

  • 0:00:00 - Show Intro
  • 0:07:00 - Workbench and Games Played
  • 0:44:00 - The Warrior Lodge
  • 1:53:20 - Editorial, Final Thoughts and Show closing


We recommend downloading the episode as opposed to listening through the site. We seem to hit some type of process limit on days we release the episode, but it only affects people listening from the site directly.


The Independent Characters - Episode 89

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