2013 Hobby Progress Challenge Winners

Pablothegreat Crimson Fists

Pablothegreat Crimson Fists

With the release of Episode 91 of The Independent Characters, we also announced the winners of The Independent Characters 2013 Hobby Progress Challenge!

There were an AMAZING number of entries in the challenge this year and even more, an incredible number of people actually finished the entire challenge. Truly the war on unpainted plastic has made some progress this year!

So in the end, there is less grey plastic on the tables around the world, more people with some painted models floating around, and a bunch of folks who are now playing with fully painted 40k Armies! In the end aren't we all winners because of that!?

Loopy - who is our newest forum Admin (and will be helping us extensively with the 2014 Challenge!) has made a wonderful post about this years participants. Instead of duplicating what he has done - I will just link you to his blog post at WAAGH! Drillteef.


However, this year there can be only two final winners (we might have more next year!) and so without further delay, here they are:

The Grand Prize - A KR Multicase Kaiser 3 with foam (though I believe the foam was intended for Imperial Guard!) goes to:

  • Pablothegreat - His Crimson Fists look amazing and he was the lucky winner of this draw! Congratulations!

Our Runner Up - A KR Multicase Kaiser 2 with foam (for Space Marines I believe) goes to:

  • Tangentical - For his amazing Kabal of the Burnished Sapphire - with added Wraithknight
Tangenticals Dark Eldar

Tangenticals Dark Eldar

You can see both of their threads and the amazing progress they made by clicking on their names above.

Thank you to everyone who participated this year. The work everyone has done has inspired many outside of the challenge to take up their brushes and save us from bare plastic!

We are getting a lot of questions about when (or if) we are going to do a 2014 Hobby Progress Challenge - and I can assure you that we are going to! We should have more details for you in Episode 92 of The Independent Characters! So hang in there. (And for the love of The Emperor, don't start yet! We are going to be adding some criteria to how painting is recorded.)

Last but not least, we really need to thank Daryl from KR Multicase. He has been a tremendous supporter of our show through the years and has also frequently provided many prizes for our giveaways and other contests. If you haven't checked out their products, you do NOT know what you are missing. You can find more information about KR Multicase at their website:

- http://www.krmulticase.com

Remember; Soft foam to protect your figures. Hard cases to protect the soft foam!

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  1. Grats to the winners!!! Well done!
  2. Paul Lippincott
    Congratulations, winners! Those armies look pretty darned good. And thanks to KR Multicase for the prizes. I *will* have one of those cases one day. Oh yes.

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