Episode 99 Delayed

kittencrashHaving just returned from Adepticon we are absolutely worn out! Plus we need to spend some quality time with our significant others before we leap right back into recording and spending time away from them...

So we have decided it is best to delay Episode 99 for one week. This means that Episode 99 will actually be available on Sunday the 19th and NOT Sunday the 13th.

We apologize if this causes you any sadness.

However, in an attempt to make up for it, we will be releasing some bonus content between now and then. We are definitely going to release an interview we did with Dave Taylor about his new independent venture and his process for assembling Forge World models. As you will hear, this is quite a bit different than Tim's process from our Extreme Forge World Modeling episode!

I also hope to release an informal follow up conversation on our experiences at Adepticon this year. (That type of show doesn't take nearly the amount of preparation our "Show of Force" episode takes.)

So although 99 is delayed - we will still be in your ears in short order!

Thanks for your patience!

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  1. Because you posted a picture of an exhausted kitty, you are forgiven.
  2. Happy wife happy life. Maybe i will have time to paint 20 gaunts before that show then!
  3. The Kitten does help....

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