Forbidden Lore – The Talon of Horus by Aaron Dembski-Bowden

When Horus fell, his Sons fell with him. A broken Legion, beset by rivalries and hunted by their erstwhile allies, the former Luna Wolves have scattered across the tortured realm of the Eye of Terror. And of Abaddon, greatest of the Warmaster’s followers, nothing has been heard for many years. But when Horus’s body is taken from its resting place, a confederation of legionaries seek out the former First Captain, to convince him to embrace his destiny and continue what Horus began.

The-Talon-of-Horus-thumbWe haven't done a Forbidden Lore segment in quite some time, but this is the one we have been holding out for! The Talon of Horus is an amazing novel that was released in a collectors edition format first, but now is about to be released in ebook and hardback edition for the wider audience. So we are going to give you some time to read through this book before we dissect it with none other than the author himself, Aaron Dembski-Bowden!

We want to make sure everyone has time to read through it and enjoy it - but you won't want to miss out on the first book in an incredibly exciting new series that we think will catapult The Black Legion to the top of everyone's favorite Chaos Space Marine armies as it redefines the meaning of cool.

This Forbidden Lore Segment will drop with Episode 115 of The Independent Characters. (Scheduled for 11/09/2014 however with the Black Library Weekender the weekend just prior this MIGHT be slightly delayed...)

We hope you are as excited about this as we are! Be sure to pick up your copy of The Talon of Horus here:

What is "Forbidden Lore"? Read on:

Once per month we pick a "Black Library Book of The Month". We announce what book it is on one show and we will also then create a thread with a big SPOILER WARNING in the title in our "The Librarium" section of the boards so people can start to discuss thoughts and ideas there.

Two episodes later (so roughly one month later), pulling from the thread and our own personal reading experience, we will then have an extremely in-depth discussion about this book. This will cover spoilers about the story, which characters live, die, change, etc.

At the beginning of the episode we will announce that we are going to be discussing this book and all the spoilers for it.

We will place the segment at the END of the podcast, after the exit music, and present ANOTHER strong warning to really call attention to the fact that spoilers are coming. Then we will have a 20-30 min discussion about the book and what our thoughts were on it.

Keep in mind this isn't a REVIEW of the book - since everyone listening or caring enough to listen to that segment will have already read it. It's a discussion about what we all collectively read.

We really enjoy the Black Library books and we think this will really bring home some of the "Feel like a part of our gaming group" approach we have taken.

The Forbidden Lore segment will air with Episode 86!

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