Episode 130 – Paint Choices and Oil Washes

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Episode 130 of The Independent Characters continues our return to the Podcast by covering two topics that we find interesting.

First we discuss the process and benefits of doing oil washes. We get Josh on to explain how they are done, why they are done, and what the benefits of doing them are.

Next up is a discussion between Justin and Jody all about the various types of paints avaiable to hobbiests. What the benefits and drawbacks of each type are, and under what circumstances do you want to use one over another! This is typically a hotly debated topic amongst people in our hobby, so while our opinions may or may not line up with yours, we felt it was worth taking the time to discuss.

Of course we have Adan and Justin joining us for the Hobby Progress and Games played segments. So hopefully you enjoy what we have been up to.

We hope you enjoy the show and don't feel like you are listening to paint dry!


Time Stamps:

  • 0:00:00 - Show Intro and Host Introduction
  • 0:04:50 - Workbench and Hobby Progress
  • 0:53:50 - Oil Washes with Josh
  • 1:16:45 - Paint Comparisons
  • 1:58:00 - Final Thoughts and Show Closing


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