Contest: RIP The Boiler Room

578874_sm-Boiler Room RoB BoardWe couldn't stand the heat…

The Boiler Room is officially being retired as Carl is moving to a new house with an air conditioned painting room/office/recording studio. We will put up pictures of it once we have it all set up, but the room will work quite well for our purposes.

For those who are unaware, The Boiler Room was in one half of a converted two car garage. It served as Carls gaming room (enough room to easily fit two tables and tons of storage), painting room, and recording studio. The room was originally named by Geoff due to the hot temperature in the California summers and it's lack of good insulation.

With that being said, it feels insincere to continue to use "The Boiler Room" moniker once the move takes place. So with the retirement of The Boiler Room, we are moving into a new recording space and looking for a new name for it! This is where you come in…

If you have a great idea for the name of the new studio, send us an email to, with the subject line "RIP Boiler Room" by August 25th. We will pick the winner from the submissions we receive, based purely on what we think is most fitting and enjoyable. We aren’t quite sure what that prize is yet - but looking at our sponsors might give you a good idea.

In addition, Carl will be building a gaming room later this year once the 4 car garage is cleaned out, insulated, drywalled and an AC unit is brought in. So there will effectively be TWO rooms. If that helps you come up with TWO names that work well together - that might improve your chances of winning!

Good luck and thanks for listening.

Details: The Independent Characters will pay up to $25 of shipping for the prize, beyond that dollar amount, the winner will need to cover the difference to be eligible to receive the prize.

Send submission emails to with the subject line "RIP Boiler Room"

Friends of the IC's (defined as anyone who has come and play at the Boiler Room or Carls residence) are ineligible to win the contest.

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  1. How about Stoodie McStudioface?
  2. Mars Attacks

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