Episode 149 – The Hidden Benefits of Warhammer 40k

Episode 149 of The Independent Characters covers not only the 2 day airbrush class we all just attended, but we also delve into the hidden benefits of Warhammer 40k.

A couple of years ago we covered the hidden costs of Warhammer 40k, and this time we look at the other side of that coin.

Before we jump into that though, we start off with an interview with Kat and Caleb of CK Studios. We have a discussion about what our expectations are and what the class is going to cover, and then immediately follow that up with our Hobby Progress section which takes place immediately AFTER completing the class. It’s a nice follow up and closure to the whole thing.

We hope you enjoy.

Time Stamps:

  • 0:00:00 - Show Intro and Host Introduction
  • 0:07:00 - Interview with CK Studios
  • 0:42:20 - Workbench and Hobby Progress
  • 1:31:20 - The Hidden Benefits of Warhammer 40k
  • 2:01:45 - Show Closing

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