Episode 204: The Warrior Lodge

Episode 204 of The Independent Characters is as late as we have ever been with a show. The current situation around the world has impacted us here as well (as you will hear on the show), but we finally were able to work out a time to record.

A couple of notes however: We obviously had to record remotely, which isn't ever my first choice, but we made the best of it. Additionally, we had to pivot away from our initial topic to a Warrior Lodge for this go around. Without the ability to be with each other in person, we miss out on some of the sharing factor of the previous topic. That's ok though, we will bring it back when things return to a stable state.

That being said, I think we have some solid discussion here with Carl, Jody, Justin, and Josh (The three Js!). We hope you enjoy the show and we fully expect to be back on schedule soon, and in fact we have some new ideas we think you are going to enjoy.

Time Stamps:

  • 00:00:00 - Show Intro, Host Introduction, and Elite Choice
  • 00:10:50 - Hobby Progress and Games Played
  • 00:41:20 - Warrior Lodge: Part 1
  • 01:07:20 - Warrior Lodge: Part 1
  • 01:40:20 - CK Studios Interview
  • 02:25:10 - Final Thoughts and show closing

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