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Episode 99 Delayed

Episode 99 Delayed Having just returned from Adepticon we are absolutely worn out! Plus we need to spend some quality time with our significant others before we leap right back into recording and spending time away from them… So we have decided it is best to delay Episode 99 for one week. This means that Episode 99 will...
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Episode 98 slightly delayed

Episode 98 slightly delayed The release of Episode 98 will be delayed for about 3 days. It will now be releasing Wed the 26th. As you know we hate being late with episodes here – but if you are a user of Yahoo News,Finance, or Sports, then you might have an idea of how work for Carl has been a living Hell for the last two weeks!...
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Coming Soon – Episode 98

Coming Soon – Episode 98 AdeptiCon 2014 is right around the corner and many of our gaming group are making the trek once more. We will talk about our plans and expectations of the events and classes we are attending and see if we can’t get a word in with some of the organizers and players before hand as well! Geoff returns to...
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Coming Soon – Episode 97

Coming Soon – Episode 97 Episode 97 is all about Forge World modeling. Sure those larger Forge World kits can be intimidating. Heck even Carl has someone else assemble them for him. So we decided to bring in someone who knows what he is talking about when it comes to the assembly of complex resin models like Titans and Super Heavy...
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What is Show of Force?

What is Show of Force? We are about to start a brand new feature and we wanted to give a little bit of explanation before we did… What is “Show of Force”? Show of Force is a new series of episodes we will spread out through our releases of The Independent Characters. These shows take a look at each army in the...
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Coming Soon – Episode 95

Coming Soon – Episode 95 Episode 95 explores The Gaming Club – We find out why you would want to join one, or create one for that matter! We hope to uncover how they operate, what are the benefits, and how to avoid some of the pitfalls associated with 40k Gaming Clubs (or really just gaming clubs in general). To help us...
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How do I use Kanban to help my Hobby Progress?

How do I use Kanban to help my Hobby Progress? Recently I have received several questions from listeners who may not have been around for Epsiode 82 and who are asking “What is a Kanban board and how do I use one exactly?” So I thought I would write this quick little tutorial to show you how to get started on a simple Kanban Board and then...
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Coming Soon – Episode 94

Coming Soon – Episode 94 In Episode 94 we talk all about Commission Painting. From how to pick the right painter to handle your project to how to become a commission painter yourself. We also talk about some horror stories and success stories from people who have been through both. We discuss the pitfalls and traps you want to...
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Coming Soon – Episode 93

Coming Soon – Episode 93 Episode 93 of The Independent Characters will have us returning to our annual “Year in Review” episode. And if you thought 2012 was full of Warhammer 40k goodness, you ain’t seen nothing yet! 2013 may go down on record as being the most active year for Warhammer 40k ever! Between the...
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The ICs Android App is here!

The ICs Android App is here! Along with our new hosting changes (the new RSS feed has caused problems for some people), we have had the opportunity to create an Android and iOS App for the show. This App costs $1.99 – which was the lowest price we could offer it for. On every purchase of it, we see about $1.00. If we could offer...
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