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Posted by Carl on Aug 21, 2011

Episode 35 – The Benefits of 40k

You have heard all the negatives – now listen to why 40k is a great game to play! This episode is all about the benefits of 40k and why we think this is still a very positive game and has a lot of great things going for it!

Zach and Carl tackle this subject with typical enthusiasm! Unfortunately, Geoff is on vacation at this time and was unable to join us for this lively and positive discussion as to why Warhammer 40k is the place to be these days! (He may have had differing opinions but that’s what happens when you go on vacation!)

We of course cover our standard hobby progress and games played this time around. We go a bit into how the Hobby Progress Challenge is keeping us on track and preventing us from being distracted with other projects.

We hope you enjoy Episode 35.

Also – Please Note that the Forbidden Lore Segment on Atlas Infernal by Rob Sanders will be released on the 24th as a separate download. Again we apologize for the delay of this segment. We know some of you are anticipating it. We just had difficulty with scheduling this recording session! It IS coming – and Carl HAS read the book now!

Show Timestamps

  • Show Overview – 00:00:00
  • Hobby Talk discussion & Games Played – 00:04:25
  • The Upside of 40k: The Benefits of 40k – 01:12:00
  • Bringing 40k Home: Why 40k Now? – 01:53:30
  • Show Closing – 02:51:00



The episode you have been looking for has been archived. You can now find it by clicking the link below:


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