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Posted by Carl on Nov 14, 2011

Episode 41 – Imperial Armour: Apocalypse 2nd Edition

Episode 41 sees the Independent Characters covering the latest Forge World release of Imperial Armour: Apocalypse – 2nd Edition! We have the book in hand and have been salivating over which units we now have to purchase from Forge World to fullfill our sick desires!

New dreadnoughts, vehicles, a fixed version of the dreaded Lifta Droppa,as well as other revised rules are sure to make this offering from the guys at Forge World a hotly sought after product! But we will give you our patented “Bang for Your Buck” rating towards the end of the show.

Additionally, this episode you will hear the introduction of a couple new segments: Units that Changed The Game, and Mission Impossible!

We also announce a major new contest in which you can win one of two different KR Multicase Kaiser Cases complete with the foam and card cases you need!

We still cover some hobby progress and games played as well.

Show Timestamps

  • Show Overview and KR Contest Details – 00:00:00
  • Comikaze Expo, Hobby Talk discussion & Games Played – 00:10:35
  • Imperial Armour: Apocalypse 2nd Edition – 00:39:00
  • Units that Changed The Game – 01:32:45
  • Mission Impossible: Valley of The Kings – 01:51:30
  • Interview with Daryl from KR Multicase – 01:58:50
  • Show Closing – 02:13:13



The episode you have been looking for has been archived. You can now find it by clicking the link below:


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