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Posted by Carl on Feb 7, 2012

Coming Soon – Episode 48

Episode 48 sees us return to Imperial Armour to do our coverage of Imperial Armour 3: The Taros Campaign. Though one of the older Imperial Armour books, this book is probably one of the largest ones out there – and we have it on good authority that it was this book that made Forge World decide to do The Baddab War in two volumes!

We will go over the story of The Taros Campaign, which deals with The Imperiums persecution of a war to deal with a Tau incursion, and then take a look at the units in support of the book.

The Tau are one of the oldest Codexes still out there – we will evaluate if they benefit well from some Forge World attention! As usual, you can expect our “Bang for Your Buck” rating of the book.

Of course we will also have our usual segments; The Workbench and Games Played. Carl will also talk a bit about his upcoming Summer Campaign after Adepticon.

We hope you join us for what is looking like a great episode!

Episode 48 will drop on February 19th.

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