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Posted by Carl on Jan 21, 2013

Coming Soon – Episode 71

40kplayersEpisode 71 of The Independent Characters will focus on how to meet new players and introduce them to your gaming group. Or, how to be a new player to an established gaming group. We will discuss the do’s and don’ts of meeting new players (safely) and evaluating whether these people play the style of game that you like to play.

We also have a Warrior Lodge segment hosted by Geoff this time around. With a panel of all new guests we will see what some of our local gamers think about the topics we have cooked up for them this time around.

As usual there will be the hobby progress and games played section of the show, which believe it or not has some actual progress and games played!

So hold on tight, Episode 71 looks to be a good one.

This episode will drop January 27th, 2013.

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2 Responses to “Coming Soon – Episode 71”

  1. Tommy Meškis Wøng says:

    Good, I need this. I'm just getting back into the game, and the last time I played there was a local store, and 3rd edition had just been released. Now, more than a decade on (OH THE HORROR OF TIME), I'm more awkward than I was before when it comes to meeting new play groups!

  2. Christopher Abbott says:

    I'm looking forward to this as well. Having trouble finding a gaming group. Jonesing for a game so much and it is really tough finding one. And then it's a crap shoot. Last game I played at the GW store it was against a Grey Knight's player who spent the first two turns complaining about how cheap and cheesy my Lootas were. Also, one turn he tried to distract me so I'd forget to shoot by telling me I had to roll for an assault (he told me he was an experienced player and I don't even need to take my shoes off to count the games I've played) after he asked me what I was planning with my boyz. I almost did it then was like "Wait, I have to shoot." and he said "No, no. You can't shoot you already declared assaults, oh wait before you roll I need to make my overwatch." After a minute or two of my trying not to be a jerk and him seeming intent on being one. I looked at him and said "Really dude? Fine I won't shoot. I still think I'll win but now I know I'll never play you again."