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Posted by Carl on Feb 7, 2014

Episode 95 – Gaming Clubs

ep95 coverEpisode 95 of The Independent Characters takes a broad look at Wargaming Clubs. Are they useful? How do you find one? How do you join one? And more importantly how do you go about starting one?

To help us with this discussion, since we really knew very little about it to start, Adan has done some research on local Gaming Clubs to us as well as discovered some of the history of a club he belongs to, The 40k Fight Club. In addition, we have conducted interviews from around the world to give us a bit of a global perspective on the scene.

As usual, we have our Workbench and Games Played segments.

We hope you enjoy this episode!

Time Stamps:

  • 0:00:00 – Show Intro
  • 0:08:50 – Workbench and Games Played
  • 0:44:50 – Gaming Clubs. Framing the Discussion
  • 1:19:35 – Interview with Chris Jones of A-Club
  • 1:36:00 – Interview with Steve and Jason of The Overlords
  • 2:03:15 – Interview with Ryan Herbranson of Wargamer in Japan
  • 2:15:50 – Final Thoughts and Show Closing

Relevant Links:

As always the direct download link can be found here:

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