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Episode 99 – Show of Force: Th...

Episode 99 – Show of Force: The Unforgiven Episode 99 of The Independent Characters focuses on our second “Show of Force” episode. This time we are discussing The Unforgiven. We go into great detail about many aspects of the Dark Angels army and how Games Workshop supports them. We have taken feedback from our previous Show of Force episode and tried to incorporate some of that into this episode as well. Even...
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Bonus Content – Dave Taylor In...

Bonus Content – Dave Taylor Interview at Adepticon 2014 I had some time to sit down with Dave Taylor of Dave Taylor Miniatures and discuss his new business as well as spend some time talking to him about his, very different, approach to assembling large Forge World Models! I think Dave does a great job of de-mystifying these models, and provides some amazing advice. I really wanted to thank Dave for taking the time to sit down and talk...
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Episode 99 Delayed

Episode 99 Delayed Having just returned from Adepticon we are absolutely worn out! Plus we need to spend some quality time with our significant others before we leap right back into recording and spending time away from them… So we have decided it is best to delay Episode 99 for one week. This means that Episode 99 will actually be available on Sunday the 19th and NOT Sunday the 13th. We...
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Episode 98 – Adepticon 2014 Pr...

Episode 98 – Adepticon 2014 Prep Episode 98 of The Independent Characters has the return of Geoff! At least for this episode anyway. We spend some time catching up with the former co-host of The Independent Characters, talk a little about the feedback from Episode 97, and then launch into our discussion of Adepticon 2014 and what we are doing to prepare for this magnificent event! We also take some time to speak...
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Episode 98 slightly delayed

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Episode 98 slightly delayed The release of Episode 98 will be delayed for about 3 days. It will now be releasing Wed the 26th. As you know we hate being late with episodes here – but if you are a user of Yahoo News,Finance, or Sports, then you might have an idea of how work for Carl has been a living Hell for the last two weeks! The show is recorded (except for two small segments), but between work and...
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Coming Soon – Episode 98

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Coming Soon – Episode 98 AdeptiCon 2014 is right around the corner and many of our gaming group are making the trek once more. We will talk about our plans and expectations of the events and classes we are attending and see if we can’t get a word in with some of the organizers and players before hand as well! Geoff returns to the show this episode as well. Will he have any hobby progress to speak...
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Episode 97 – Extreme Forge Wor...

Episode 97 – Extreme Forge World Modeling Episode 97 was supposed to be about how assembling large Forge World models is really not as difficult as you think it might be. However, occasionally a show goes in a direction you didn’t expect. What we ended up with is a deep dive into the world of Extreme Model Building! Tim has a background in assembling model cars and trains, but his love of assembling complicated...
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Coming Soon – Episode 97

Coming Soon – Episode 97 Episode 97 is all about Forge World modeling. Sure those larger Forge World kits can be intimidating. Heck even Carl has someone else assemble them for him. So we decided to bring in someone who knows what he is talking about when it comes to the assembly of complex resin models like Titans and Super Heavy flyers. We will discuss how to work with resin on this scale and some best...
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