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Order The 2018 ICs T-Shirt!

The Official 2018 Independent Characters T-Shirts are now available in limited supplies. These shirts run in American Sizes. They fit as you would expect if you are from the United States (Shirts in the UK for example tend to run a bit smaller). The shirts are 100% cotton T-shirts, not really heavy, and the images are screened onto the front and the back. These are NOT print on demand shirts with cheap iron on logos and graphics. This shirt is only available in 2018 and if we do another run in 2019 it will feature a different design.

We are offering these shirts as a way to supplement our Podcast Crew’s costs of going to Adepticon in 2018.

ABOUT ORDERING (Prices in the Size Drop Down)
Currently we are ONLY shipping to the US and Canada. (See more information below.) Please note that once you complete this form we will invoice you through PayPal. This is the only way we are accepting payment on orders at this time. We are trying to ship everywhere but if we ultimately find it is cost prohibitive we may cancel and refund your order. Orders will ship once per week on Mondays. So if you place your order before the weekend you can expect it to go out the following Monday.

Upon receiving your invoice you will see we have added a shipping charge. If you would like to purchase multiple shirts simply submit the form multiple times (make sure to select the correct sizes!). We can fit as many as two (2) shirts per package. So more than that will incur additional shipping fees. Shipping fees are as follows:

  • United States: Shipping in the US is a flat $5 USD rate no matter where you are located in the US.
  • Canada: Shipping to Canada is a flat $8 USD rate no matter where you are located in Canada.
  • UK: Shipping to the UK will be a $10 fee per shirt. We wish we could do it cheaper but this is what we are stuck with at the moment. NOTE: We will gather ALL UK shipping from March 6th 2018 to March 27th 2018 and do one bulk shipment. This will be the ONLY time you can order a shirt in the UK. Based on demand, we MAY look into Print on Demand vendor within the UK, but at this time that seems unlikely.
  • Australia/New Zealand: Working on pricing for Aus now.

Final Note: Due to the nature of our sales and shipping expenses we can offer absolutely NO REFUNDS. Additionally, we are not responsible for any import or duty fees your destination country my apply.

Thank you so much for your support and we hope you enjoy the T-Shirts as much as we do!

Size Chart If you need it.

We are out of Medium, Large, and 3XL for the time being.