Episode One has been recorded!

We have just completed recording Episode One of The Independent Characters and it was an absolute blast to do! We hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoyed recording it! The final version clocks in at just over an hour and fifty minutes and though we do ramble off topic a bit, we think you will enjoy what we have put together for this introductory show.


  • Geoff introduces himself and clubs a seal.
  • Carl introduces himself and explains how Dungeons & Dragons made him popular in the Army (20:10)
  • Carl talks about what hobby work he has been doing and starts making excuses. (45:00)
  • Geoff discusses his hobby progress and why painting causes him physical pain. (54:50)
  • The ICs concoct a plan to get more of their groups armies painted (1:10:05)
  • Carl discusses his recent defeat at the hands of the Tyranids (1:15:30)
  • Geoff launches into a discussion about introducing new players into an established group (1:30:40)

The video battle report can be seen on the front page.

Yeah we recognize that Carl's mic was turned up a bit too high. We will be sure to adjust that down (or just shut him up) next episode!

The ICs

NOTE: We are having some issues with the podcast Feed so we are making some changes to the page until we are able to figure out the problem.

The episode you have been looking for has been archived. You can now find it by clicking the link below:


5 Responses

  1. Nundahl
    Rockin' first episode. I'm not a 40k guy, but I am the DM Geoff mentions with a collecting addiction. I'll keep listening as long as you continue appeal to my ego by mentioning me, heh.
  2. ctuttle
    Glad you liked it! Thanks for listening!
  3. Nundahl
    Here's a link to a Reddit post I made on your first episode. There's some conversation going on there you guys might want to get into or comment on in future episodes. http://www.reddit.com/r/rpg/comments/bt18m/my_buddy_who_moved_across_the_country_just/
  4. mander917
    I really liked the podcast, I am having problems downloading it, however. Any chance you could set up a direct download link? Thanks.
  5. I'm actually doing so right now!

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