Episode 97 – Extreme Forge World Modeling

New Style Facebook Header ep97aEpisode 97 was supposed to be about how assembling large Forge World models is really not as difficult as you think it might be. However, occasionally a show goes in a direction you didn't expect. What we ended up with is a deep dive into the world of Extreme Model Building!

Tim has a background in assembling model cars and trains, but his love of assembling complicated projects has now moved over into the Forge World arena. He is the individual responsible for the incredible assembly work done on Carl's Titan and Thunderhawk. We thought bringing Tim on the show would show people how they shouldn't be intimidated by these large (and expensive) models, however we didn't quite know what we were in for.

We think however, you will find some great ideas in this episode and will gain an appreciation for just how passionate some people are about this hobby!

In addition to our regular Workbench and Tabletop discussion, we also present you with The Warrior Lodge #10. Joining us this time around are Ian (aka Crimson Fist Ian), Jason, and Josh (aka Santa Cruz Josh) to tackle a number of topics we have gathered for you.

Last, but not least, we have a quick interview with Teras of Geek Nation Tours. He comes on to talk about Warhammer World (You might have heard Carl went there) and how he can help you get there soon! Apologies in advance for the sound quality on this interview - I think Canada hates us.

Sometimes you have to just sit back and enjoy the journey, not necessarily the destination!

We hope you enjoy Episode 97 of The Independent Characters.

Time Stamps:

  • 0:00:00 - Show Start
  • 0:07:55 - Workbench and Games Played
  • 0:55:20 - Extreme Forge World Modeling
  • 1:54:05 - The Warrior Lodge
  • 2:49:20 - Interview with Teras of Geek Nation Tours
  • 3:12:50 - Final Thoughts and Show Closing

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5 Responses

  1. Nick Scherdnik
    Have any pictures of the tools you mentioned in the beginning of the episode been put anywhere? Wanted to browse them before listening.
  2. Brian Andrews
    I just wanted to say that the Forge World segment was a real eye opener and very entertaining. However I'd like to ask if you will revisit the subject of Forge World models from the point of view of an experienced plastic model maker but someone who is new to Forge World and resin models. What are the common pitfalls and tips and if there are any good beginner kits beyond the standard marine models?
  3. Any chance you can post list/link to all the tools he went over?
  4. Robert Luhrman
    Agree with C. Scott Kippen. Not necessarily links per se, but maybe a write up in the forums with a link in the show notes talking about the tools and cleaners for the resin.
  5. I would second the request for a tool list and place to buy. And if I can be super demanding :) I would love to see a Must have for normal people, your Contemptor dread buyer, for dedicated people, your Fire Raptor people, and then the full Monty Thunderhawk people. Any list will do, but I am a Contemptor kind of guy that would love to move up but not sure what I need, what I already have . . . Thanks great podcast, will definitely be listening to this one more than once.

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