Episode 116 – Horus Heresy 4: Conquest (Part 1)

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Episode 116 of The Independent Characters arrives in your ears to discuss Horus Heresy Book 4: Conquest!

This episode is part one of our two part coverage of the latest Horus Heresy book, and in this one we are discussing the background and setting for book four. We will discuss notable battles in the area and the various planets around which the fighting occurs.

All of this and the usual Hobby Progress and Games Played segments are there for your listening pleasure.

Additonally, at the end of the show we have a special announcement and news about the 2015 Hobby Progress Challenge. Please do listen for it.

We hope you enjoy episode 116.


Time Stamps:

  • 0:00:00 - Show Intro and host introduction
  • 0:03:25 - Workbench and Hobby Progress
  • 0:56:30 - Horus Heresy 4: Conquest (Part 1)
  • 1:52:30 - Horus Heresy 4: Conquest (Part 1)
  • 2:19:30 - HPC 2015 Announcement and Show Closing


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4 Responses

  1. KHAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!!! :( no HPC makes me sad! but i can understand why. time is limited :)
  2. Great show. I appreciate your reasons, and just want to say thank you for all the hard work and effort. Look forward to the rest of the shows. Look forward to seeing what your doing with the time and hope that your dice will be blessed. Unless in the unlikely circumstance we ever get a game. Oh and as to hobby progress challenge while the forums are up no reason the community cannot do their own, and use the support mechanism you have nurtured
  3. Stephen Sayers
    Thanks for the great work guys!! Its crazy how much of your time you put into the community and we are happy you started thos podcast best of luck for the future
  4. I am getting into the hobby and just found this site/podcast yesterday. I have listened to this episode in the background while working and it has been great; a huge refreshing contrast to the other stuff I found with immature loudmouths cussing and talking about anything but Warhammer. Thanks for the great show....and of course, I was sad to discover that after just finding such a great show, it is coming to an end. Oh well, go out with a bang! Thanks :)

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