Episode 206: The Greying of Warhammer 40k

Episode 206 of The Independent Characters takes a look at how the hobby is getting older, what the drawbacks and benefits to that are, what we as a community can do to bring new life to it, and how Games Workshop may be approaching an aging player base.

A couple of notes however: We obviously had to record remotely, which isn't ever my first choice, but we made the best of it. Once the Shelter In Place orders are lifted, we will go back to recording in the studio while observing safety precautions.

I really want to thank our Special Guest - Dave Taylor for joining us in a lengthy discussion on this topic. We meant no offence inviting him to join us on the "old guys episode"!

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Time Stamps:

  • 00:00:00 - Show Intro, Host Introduction, and Elite Choice
  • 00:09:40 - Hobby Progress and Games Played
  • 00:35:45 - The Greying of Warhammer 40k - Part 1
  • 01:32:35 - The Greying of Warhammer 40k - Part 2
  • 02:07:35 - Final Thoughts and show closing

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  1. Seth
    This is fantastic. This episode really spoke to my soul. I'm on the younger side of 38, but man, I'm feeling it. At the end of last month, with the whole virus situation, I found myself with a lot of time. I haven't picked up a dice with purpose since 2015, mainly because of my kiddos and work, but I felt the pull again and bought a Primaris army to work on. My life had a lot of up & downs, but it felt right time to start again. Thank you for this episode ( and thank you for being older than me :)

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