The IC’s Patreon is back and better than ever!

We are proud to announce that we have now reopened our Patreon account for The Independent Characters and we are offering a ton of really interesting additional perks and content to those who become Patrons.

As a side note: If you were previously a Patreon supporter of the show and never cancelled your account you could still be charged unless you take action! There is no way for us to cancel your account for you except blocking you entirely.

You currently have two options:

1. Select one of our new tiers of support.
2. Cancel your Patreon subscription.

You can see more information about our Patreon offerings here:

EDIT: Note that we are NOT gating the entire Discord Server behind the Patreon. Just a specific and newly created area of the Discord server. So if you are on the Discord server now you do not need to worry about being cut off from it!

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