Elite Choice Hall of Legends

On this page you will find some of the best examples of hobby work from our Facebook Community Page. At the beginning of each show we discuss our Elite Choice of the show. These members of our community are no longer eligible to win that weekly recognition because they have transcended and entered our Hall of Legends! Basically this means they have been picked so often we don't want to keep lavishing praise on them.

So here they are:

Jeremy Woods

Jeremy consistently blows our minds with his creations. He is incredibly talented at creating dioramas for his in-home museum. He has joined us for an interview on the show in the past, and every time he posts something, you can be assured it represents some of the best in the hobby.

Eric Beers

All around incredible guy. Often joked about for his "svelt runners body", we have watched Eric's incredible talent grow by leaps and bounds over the last few years. We are beginning to think there is nothing this guy cannot do.

David Moss

David is an accomplished modeler and painter and his creations often sicken us (in a good way), but they never fail to entertain! David has a particular skill for working with Slaanesh models that cannot be denied.

Colin Ward

Colin is a name well known to listeners of The ICs. A member of our gaming group who moved away from the area but continues to push the painting levels of the hobby from afar. He is also responsible for the commission paint job on Carls Thousand Sons and AoS Chaos army.

David Roberts

Dave is one of those commission painters who continues to push out more and more content every day. He is responsible for the infamous 'Chelledar' as well as Carls Tzeentch Demon army. A great guy, one of the most consistent and fast commission painters in our community, and has a specific 'style' of painting that calls out to you.

Tom Taylor Bigg

Tom is a fantastic representative of The ICs Community. Not only has his painting examples grown and been remarkable inspiration for some, his 'Getting to know you' series of posts really helped bring the community together and allowed people to share their thoughts in a constructive way!

Ted Lidgard

Ted Lidgard pretty much exploded onto the scene of The Independent Characters community by posting very highly detailed and painted single models. He then began posting pictures of dioramas. We saw Ted begin to push himself into better basing and we have been very excited to see him continue to post his awesome work here!

Bill Morloc

Bill has consistently posted amazing pictures and videos to our Facebook Group and his skills are just incredible. He does some great work with vibrant colors and effects!

Neil Tweed

Neil really grabbed our attention with the work he was doing on his Leagues of Votann army. His brilliant color choices and absolute attention to details on each model got him noticed nearly every episode. When he began sharing the work he had done on his Eldar... well our minds were made up that he was Hall of Legends status!