The 2024/2025 Hobby Progress Challenge

The Fourth World War on Grey Plastic

Welcome to the 2024/2025 Independent Characters Hobby Progress Challenge! Those of you who have listened to us for years may remember the first and second challenges, and maybe even the third one (run by the esteemed Loopy!), but we now present you with the challenge yet again!

The point of the HPC is to get those grey models painted and ideally, have a fully painted army/force/whatever, by the end of the year. This challenge takes place over a 12 month period where you paint one unit a month and collect entries for prizes provided by some of our wonderful sponsors!

Joining is easy... completing it, not so much! But we believe in you! We have the faith of the Emperor (or Chaos Gods in some cases) that you can do it. The event begins on July 1st 2024, and runs until June 30th 2025. So read on to learn how you can participate!


How to Participate:

  • Paint one unit a month for entry. A "Unit" is defined as a Character (individual or HQ unit), a unit that is deployable in a game (a squad, a gang, etc.), a vehicle, monstrous creature, or dreadnought type unit. The idea is that you aren't typically just painting one small model. The objective (ideally) is that you have a deployable force at the end of the challenge. (Note: This is system agnostic.... so you are just painting for whatever game you are playing!)
  • Before the 6th day of each month, you should take and post a picture to the hobby-progress-challenge channel in The Independent Characters Discord Channel. This picture should contain a picture of the unpainted model (primed is fine!), and a name/date card in front of the model.
  • Once you have completed painting the model, you should take another picture with a name/date card with completed paint job. To get credit for the unit, it should be completely painted and posted by midnight PST on the last day of the month.
  • Submit your photo(s) to your specific Discord Thread in the #Hobby Progress Challenge channel.
  • When you complete a months challenge please tag @mksu1dr in your thread so it can get counted! (Our admin greatly would appreciate this. Thanks to Rich for the suggestion!)

How to create your thread in the Hobby Progress Challenge Discord Channel:

  1. Log into the Independent Characters Discord Server
  2. Go to the hobby-progress-challenge channel
  3. In the upper right corner click the “Threads” Icon

  4. Click on the “Create” button

  5. Name your Thread with your [Name] HPC. So a thread created by Carl would look like this “Carl Tuttle’s HPC”. If you would rather use your Discord Handle, feel free to do so.
    1. NOTE: Do NOT check the “Only people you invite and moderators can see” box.
  6. Start your posting!


Tracking Progress

Every Month we will tally and track all participants in a Google Spreadsheet that is viewable here:

Prizes, Bonuses, and Completion

We are working with Sponsors now to provide a host of great prizes! But the real prize is the journey along the way! (Just kidding.) We will reveal more of the prizes as the contest progresses.

For every month completed, you will earn one entry into the drawing for our prize packages. If you complete the entire Hobby Progress Challenge (all 12 months), you will get entered into a special pool for the largest prizes. Even if you fail to win one of those prizes, you are also in the pool for other prizes. (We will draw from the completed pool first).

Each person can win only one prize package, regardless of how many entries they have accumulated.

This challenge is open world wide! We will cover up to $25 of shipping towards delivering your prize to you. Anything beyond that cost will be required to be paid by you for shipping purposes.

There will be specific chances to earn additional entries into the prize draw! We have designated specific months for specific types of units (eg: Battleline, Vehicle, etc.). Completing that specific type of unit in that month will provide additional entries into the drawing. These will be announce the month prior! Those months are as follows:

  • Aug 2024 - Vehicle Month (or Behemoth or Cavalry unit for Fantasy)
  • Oct 2024 - Battleline Month 
  • Dec 2024 - Character Month (Single Model, HQ Level Character) 
  • Feb 2025 - Monstrous Creature/Dreadnought Month 
  • April 2025 - Titanic Month (Knight sized) 

Each of these should be considered "Or equivalent" for the game system you are painting for!

At the end of the event, the real idea here is that you walk away with a fully completed army. We wish you the best of success in your War on Grey Plastic!


Q: What if I paint MORE than what I planned to do in a given month?

A: No problem. Just make a "Before card" (with name & date on it) and take a picture. Then make an "End card" when you finish it. We will track additional entries up to a maximum of 12 entries for the challenge. (Note: There ARE some months where you will get BONUS points for specific units! So you might want to date your "Before card" at the beginning of those months and your "End card" during that special month. We will NOT consider this cheating the system or anything. The objective here is to get as many models painted as possible and get you the MOST credit for those models!)

Q: What happens if I don't complete my committed model in the month I attempted to?

A: You can complete it the following month - but you do miss out on an entry for the month you started the model in!

Q: Does the model need to be based? I tend to base everything all at once.

A: The model does not need to be based if you are planning to do everything all at once. We get it.

Q: I want to paint Legions Imperialis for the vehicle month. Does one tank qualify?

A: Not a single Legions Imperialis vehicle! How about a UNIT of tanks (a box of them). That would qualify! also a Titan (Warhound to Warlord) would qualify. We will reserve the Warmaster Titan for the super-heavy month!